Tablets News

Google Play Comes to Nook HD and Nook HD+

With Nook apps on countless Android devices 3-thru-12 inches in size; it's only natural that Barnes & Noble return the favor, bringing Google's app and content marketplace, Google Play, to some of its devices. Google Play is now available for Nook HD+ and Nook HD.

Toshiba Rolls Out WT310 Business Tablet

Toshiba unveiled a Windows 8 Pro equipped variant of its WT310 11.6-inch business tablet. Based on an Intel platform with enterprise security and management features, the tablet includes a digitizer pen, and most common PC connectivity options, on top of 4G LTE.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Announced

Just what we needed, another Samsung tablet. The Galaxy Tab 3, launched today, is equipped to provide an alternative to the Nexus 7. The 7-incher packs some serious cost-balancing while covering the essentials, and could command an attractive (sub-$200, even) price.

Nokia Marks May 14 for its Next Big Thing

Nokia invited the press to gather around at a big event slated for May 14, in London, where it plans to show what's next in the "Lumia story." This has the rumor mill go on overdrive, talking about everything from new phablets, and 41-megapixel phones, to 'catwalk.'