Tablets News

Razer Starts Shipping First Edge Pre-Orders

Razer announced today at its own Facebook page that the company begins shipping its gaming tablet to customers who pre-ordered the unit last month. The Razer Edge and Edge Pro gaming tablets will come with pre-installed Steam software to launch their games earlier.

Amazon Works on $99 7-inch Kindle Fire HD

Amazon has the means to go head-on against the swarm of sub-$100 entry-level tablets, most of which are driven by Android. The company is reportedly planning a $99 7-incher featuring 720p resolution, a similar TI SoC as its siblings, and the brand's market standing.

Galaxy Note III Meets AT&T Execs This Week

Samsung's upcoming premium 5.9-inch smartphone/tablet intermediate, the Galaxy Note III, earned itself an audience with AT&T top-brass later this week, which includes senior execs, and most likely, the company's CMO. It's just that they'll be toying with a mock-up.