Tablets News

Huawei Intros MediaPad 7 Vogue

Huawei rolled out the MediaPad Vogue, a faux-aluminum stylized 7-inch tablet that has speakers and mics at the right places, so you could make voice calls with it. The company also has a WiFi-only variant. It features some otherwise entry-level specs.

Samsung Unveils ATIV Tab 3

At the Samsung Premiere 2013 event in London, Samsung unveiled the most compact Windows 8-based tablet ever, the ATIV Tab 3. This 10.1-incher is just 8.2 mm-thick, weighs in at 550 g, but features an impressive 1366 x 768 resolution, and 32-bit Windows 8.

Xperia ZU a Monster of a Phablet

Samsung's Galaxy Note III won't be without company, when it hits shelves. The premium phablet category is about to heat up as Sony is turning the valves with its new Xperia ZU 6.44-incher, aka "Xperia L4" and "Togari C680X." Sony has a little surprise under the hood.

Dell Announces XPS 11 Hybrid

Dell is determined to conquer hybrid market with its new innovative hybrid design. The XPS 11 is a new 11.6-inch hybrid device that can transform from tablet to laptop in a matter of seconds, and is aimed to compete with Lenovo's IdeaPad Yoga hybrids.

Samsung Extends The Galaxy Tab 3 Lineup

In addition to the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, Samsung has extended its Galaxy Tab 3 line-up with 8-inch and 10.1-inch models. Both of them feature slim bezel design, a dual-core processor, MHL capabilities. According to Samsung, the will be available globally beginning of June.

Acer Iconia W3 Puts Windows 8 into a Single Hand

Microsoft lowered minimum screen resolution requirements for Windows 8 last quarter with good reason, so devices like the Acer Iconia W3 could take shape, becoming the first single-handed tablet running the Windows 8 desktop, albeit with a few hardware limitations.

ARM Unveils Cortex-A12 and Mali-T622 IP

ARM rolled out its newest mid-range performance CPU and GPU IP, targeting mainstream smartphones and tablets, the Cortex-A12 CPU and Mali-T622 GPU. The two succeed Cortex-A9, support over 4 GB of system memory, big.LITTLE, and an impressive performance boost.

8-inch Galaxy Tab 3 Pictured

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 series was never going to close with just a 7-inch model, with the company planning models targeting nearly every size imaginable. Its next one could be an 8-incher, featuring a 16:10 screen aspect ratio, which is otherwise similar to the original.