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iFixit Also Gets Their Hands On Surface Pro

Aside from tearing down the new Surface Laptop, iFixit folks have also got their hands on a new Microsoft Surface Pro, but the repairability is not much better. The Surface Laptop received 0 for repairability, and although the tablet was better, it was only by 1 point.

Apple iPad Pro Still Very Hard To Repair

Apple's recently announced iPad Pro has just got to iFixit's lab, which means a complete teardown to find out how hard it is to repair and its actual internal design. The popular teardown website got their hands on the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro and discovered this model to be more

Latest iPad Pros Pack 4 GB Of RAM

Apple's iOS platform does not require that much RAM like Android, but even Apple is slowly bringing up its specifications. The latest iPad Pro tablets were rumoured to pack 4 GB of RAM and that was now confirmed thanks to the newest Geekbench listing.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Lineup Gets A Price Cut

To better compete with Apple's latest iPad Pro tablets that were announced yesterday during the WWDC, Samsung has lowered the price of its Galaxy Tab S2 tablets. Both the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 and Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 have dropped in price, but only in the United States at the moment.

Qualcomm Unveils Next-Gen Charging Technology

We spend most of our days looking at smartphones and batteries are not up to task to last several days. Most smartphones can barely last a day and fast charging is extremely important nowadays. The popular chipmaker has now introduced its next-generation charging technology that

Apple Developing Dedicated Chip For AI

Apple started with artificial intelligence software back in 2011, when the company unveiled Siri. Since then, Siri evolved very much, but other companies have also joined the battle and are very competitive. To further diversify from others, Apple is reportedly working on a