Wireless News

Google's Wi-Fi Router Reaches New Markets

Two days ago, Google has released a new software update for its Wi-Fi router, which allows parents to control access to over 8 million explicit websites. Today, the search giant has expanded the availability the router to five new countries. The router is now available

Deutsche Telekom Testing 5G Wireless In Germany

5G wireless technology tests are underway in Germany and are being carried out by Deutsche Telekom. This is the first real-world 5G network test in Europe. The carrier is trying out antennas for receiving and sending data. It plans to test infrastructure applications for 5G.

T-Mobile Had The Best LTE Speeds In H1 2017

T-Mobile came out ahead of all other wireless carriers in terms of LTE speeds during the first half of the year. A new US Market Report for Mobile Broadband from Ookla reveals the carrier earned a 23.17 "Speed Score." That score combines multiple factors.

T-Mobile Bundling Netflix With Family Plan

T-Mobile is now including free Netflix service with its family plan. ONE customers can view as much content from the streaming service as they like, with a monthly plan normally worth $10. This bonus, known as the carrier's "Netflix on Us" offer, is available with 2+ lines.