Wireless News

T-Mobile Had The Best LTE Speeds In H1 2017

T-Mobile came out ahead of all other wireless carriers in terms of LTE speeds during the first half of the year. A new US Market Report for Mobile Broadband from Ookla reveals the carrier earned a 23.17 "Speed Score." That score combines multiple factors.

LTE To Be Available On Next Apple Watch

The next-generation Apple Watch is reportedly going to come with LTE support. Bloomberg says the company is intending to release a wearable with cellular support this year, giving the Apple Watch itself significantly more functionality. People can use their Watch for a lot more.

The European Union Ends Roaming Charges

After years of negotiation and planning, European Union has finally dropped roaming charges. This means that EU residents will be able to use their mobile devices abroad without paying extremely high prices their calls, text messages and data. Still, there are some things you

Comcast Begins Launch Of Xfinity Mobile

Comcast's wireless service, Xfinity Mobile, has launched. It only costs $65 per month for unlimited data and those who are already using Xfinity Internet can now sign up for the plan. Early subscribers can get it for $45. The roll out will take months.

Sprint Hopes To Launch 5G Network By 2019

A 5G network from Sprint will be up and running by the end of 2019, the carrier has announced. It's not releasing much information about its planned 5G upgrade, though Sprint is known to be partnering with Qualcomm and SoftBank on the wireless technology.

T-Mobile Ends Free 200 MB Data Offer For iPads

T-Mobile is no longer offering 200 MB of free data with new iPads on the network. As of May 7, new iPad activations don't come with free LTE data per month. T-Mobile first offered its Free Data for Life plan in 2013. You'll no longer have the data upon upgrading.