Wireless News

T-Mobile Adds Anti-Scam Call Features

Two new tools that'll combat scam calls will soon roll out from T-Mobile. Scam ID and Scam Block offer pretty much exactly what their names suggest. With Scam ID, customers will be alerted to a call likely not being legitimate. Scam Block will actually block calls.

T-Mobile Planning To End 2G, 3G By 2019

T-Mobile is planning a full commitment to LTE within the next couple years. The wireless carrier is likely going to drop its support of 2G and 3G, according to CTO Neville Ray, who was speaking at MWC. 2019 isn't a guaranteed date, but it is what the carrier is targeting.

T-Mobile Will Add LTE-U Support This Year

LTE-U support will arrive on T-Mobile this year. The wireless carrier's announcement comes just after the FCC approved new LTE-U base stations from Ericsson and Nokia. Customers will begin benefiting from the use of unlicensed spectrum in the 5 GHz band this spring.

Verizon Introduces New 2 GB Postpaid Plan For $40

Verizon has announced a new low-tier plan that includes 2 GB of LTE data for $40 per month upfront. The plan is $10 cheaper than its previous lowest-price offer. You'll also get unlimited calling and texting with the plan. It's not a great offer compared to other carriers.

Google Project Fi Begins Testing Voice Over LTE

Voice over LTE is being tested in Google's Project Fi. A small portion of users have received the feature, Google announced on its product forums. It'll be clear that you're part of the testing group if your signal indicator continues to read "LTE" when in a call.

Sprint Upgrades Its Unlimited Data Plans

Sprint has joined the rest of the top four US wireless carriers in updating its data plans. The company now has a $65 unlimited plan that includes HD video streaming and 10 GB of mobile hotspot. That's between its previous $55 non-HD plan and its $75 HD plan.