We're looking for talented and motivated people who would like to join us on our journey into the post-PC era. There are various positions open:

  • Writers for news, articles, editorials, and interviews, in any single (or a combination of) channel(s) listed above,
  • Channel Editors who along with writing, can marshal writers and oversee their work in a particular channel of their area of expertise,
  • Web Designers who work with our web developers to incrementally improve the design, usability, and functionality of the site,

Working for us pays, and can be as materially rewarding as it is intellectually challenging.
We are a virtual corporation, and working for us (full-time or part-time) will not require you to move.

Interested (and serious) candidates can write to with CVs, and answers to the following questionnaire:

    1. In less than 270 characters (use a word processor to count), come up with a crisp, catchy, and concise paragraph on any one of the following recent developments:
    2. To supplement your CV, informally tell us a bit about yourself (to the extent you're comfortable with, we won't judge you on that).
      Tell us how you developed a passion for the area(s) of interest you'd like to work with us for.