New Mercedes S-Class Infotainment Center Unveiled

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the interior of its upcoming S-Class and the instrument panel sports two non-touch LCD screens. The two 12-inch displays have an ultra-wide 8:3 ratio and are powered by an unspecified Intel Atom processor. Unfortunately the display resolutions were not disclosed either.

One of the displays is used for the driving instruments but the other is responsible for showing navigation information (Google Maps), entertainment, apps, and additional vehicle info. If you feel your chair should be giving you a massage or that your car needs a hint of perfume (yes, really) then this is where it's done. Sonic duties are performed by 1500W of Bang & Olufsen power. Apparently 30 million new lines of code went into -- what Mercedes likes to call - the COMAND Online center.

According to AutoWeek the new S-class also includes no less than 156 buttons and switches. There are a total of 23 on the driver door alone, while the rest of the passengers only get around 15 each. Mercedes hasn't provided any other S-Class specs (like speed and consumption) but with a May release date, that info should be revealed any day now.