Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus Announced

We sensed the entry of a third playable faction to Cryptic's hit free-to-play MMO Star Trek Online, right from late-January, when it was first teased. A countdown that clocks out today's announcement gave us even more reason to believe so. It's finally announced, not as a new season for the main game, but a completely new expansion pack, titled Legacy of Romulus.

The new Star Trek Online expansion pack lets you play things out in the canonical Star Trek timeline, from the perspective of Romulans, portrayed throughout the franchise as antagonistic to the United Federation of Planets, depicting an advanced yet totalitarian and secretive society. In Legacy of Romulus, you get to play as Romulan, Reman, or other affiliated species of the Star Empire. You get to cruise through the galaxy in several iconic Imperial Romulan Warbird (IRW) registry starships, such as D'deridex-class battlecruisers, Mogai and Valdore-class escorts, and probably even Scimitar-class carriers.

Star Trek Online, set in the 25th century, follows the canonical timeline after the events of the Hobus supernova, a cataclysmic incident in which the Romulan capital system is destroyed, killing billions of Romulans, leaving off-world Romulans to scrape up a new capital located in the Tau Dewa sector block, introduced in the game's 7th season. Although depicted as fearsome enemies of the Federation, the Hobus supernova incident renders Romulans into benign refugees of the galaxy who get help from the Federation and Klingon Empire in their reconstruction efforts on New Romulus. The Hobus supernova incident is a plot device introduced by J.J. Abrams, to mark the starting point of a parallel timeline, effectively rebooting the film franchise.

Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus will be released on May 21. Watch its teaser trailer below.