HTC to Retire "Quietly Brilliant" Tagline

HTC's recent move to publicly slight Samsung's Galaxy S 4, and tag-team with LG to play spoilsport with its grand New York Samsung Unpacked launch event are anything but in sync with the company tagline of being "Quietly Brilliant," something HTC chose to be for years as Android smartphone newbies came, saw, and conquered its market-share. Speaking of newbies, HTC's new chief marketing officer Benjamin Ho plans to bring about a few radical changes to the brand, beginning with retiring the now-irrelevant tagline.

In an interview with Wall Street Journal, Ho briefly touched on his plans, by stating that tomorrow's HTC could be more "bold," "authentic," and "playful." Ho is betting big on the one edge his company has over other handset makers, of originality in both product design, and software user interface (HTC Sense). While most other flagship handsets appear to ape one another, or market leaders; HTC has been credited with original designs. While sticking to Android is unavoidable, HTC made an effort to at least improve the UI with its Sense software. "We have a lot of innovations but we haven't been loud enough," he said. HTC finds itself under financial strain, and delayed product launches due to component shortages.