Battlefield 4 Could See Return of PLA Faction

Outside the realm of gaming, and popular entertainment, the possibility of all-out war between the US and Russia is a silly notion. Hollywood stopped making Cold War themed works of art a decade ago, and it's only natural that video games should stop. Battlefield 2 depicted three geopolitically realistic factions: the US Marine Corps (USMC), a fictional coalition of middle-eastern nations called MEC, and People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China.

Both MEC and PLA were cast out of Battlefield, with the two Battlefield: Bad Company spin-offs, and Battlefield 3, which depicted Russians playing the evil, all-conquering baddies that they realistically can never be. It turns out that PLA could be making a comeback to the franchise, in Battlefield 4.

A teaser site set up for Battlefield 4 reveals two staggering details about the game, without saying much. To begin with, images on the site reveal what most definitely is the iconic Pudong central business district of Shanghai, a female Han-Chinese soldier (uniform unclear), a Type-99 main-battle tank, a WZ-10 attack helicopter, and two images from the US faction: a soldier holding a Javelin man-portable F&F projectile launcher, and a US super carrier.

The second most intriguing part about the reveal is a teaser trailer posted by DICE, that shows a ship propeller spring into action. If it's any indication, the game could include naval warfare, lots of it.

We'll have to wait up to Wednesday (27/03) for the next crumb of this bread.