The Last Of Us Remastered Improvements Detailed

During a presentation, Naughty Dog revealed the improvements that are featured in The Last Of Us Remastered for the PS4. Slated to land on Sony's PlayStation 4 later this month, TLoU Remastered runs at 1080p 60fps, whether you are playing single-player or multiplayer. Also, textures are 4x more detailed (4x resolution?), shadow maps are 2x resolution, draw distances are longer, better LOD etc.

  • Higher resolution particle effects
  • Occlusion mapping of decals
  • No texture streaming
  • Additional Audio options
  • Optional: Lock frame rate at 30 fps
  • Swap trigger and thumbstick controls
  • Support for DualShock 4′s touchpad, light bar and speaker

TLoU Remastered on the PS4 will also come with Abandoned Territories, Reclaimed Territories multiplayer DLCs, Left Behind singleplayer DLC, Grounded difficulty setting and a cinematics commentary track by Neil Druckmann, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson.

The Last of Us sold 7 million units worldwide and is Sony's fastest selling exclusive IP.