Activision Shows Off Stunning Facial Animation Demo

Activision blew visitors at its GDC 2013 booth away with a stunning new facial expression rendering technology. The technology promises facial expressions on video game characters with a never before seen level of detail. Built using the same source material (light stage, facial-scans, performance) as NVIDIA, in its FaceWorks demo, also on display at GDC, Activision's tech claims to be far more performance-optimized.

While NVIDIA's demo requires the pixel-crunching prowess of a $1000 GeForce GTX TITAN graphics card, Activision's tech was being demonstrated using "two year old laptop hardware." A GeForce GTX 680 graphics card, according to the people behind the demo, should be able to dole out 120 FPS using Activision's tech, at common gaming resolutions (1080p).

Source Rock Paper Shotgun
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