"The Thinnest Camera Module in the World" Made by Toshiba

A new camera module should help Toshiba enter the mobile devices market. A new thin form factor (1/3.07 inch) designated as the TCM9930MD includes the 13-MPix CMOS sensor. The company claims that it is the thinnest CMOS camera in the world. They have to use many design techniques to reach this scale of thinness. The most important technique is an upgraded flip chip design, which makes module only 4.7 millimeters thin. The TCM9930MD uses the LSI lens system. It will help to reduce the size of the form factor in future.

First samples of the camera module will be available for sale around May 2013 at cost $74. The Toshiba plans the beginning of mass production towards the end of 2013. We expect that new, super-thin camera modules will power smartphones and tablets in 2014.