Next iPhone Around WWDC '13, iPhone Mini in August

With Samsung, HTC, and other premium handset makers launching their flagship offerings for the year, it's on Apple to do something more substantive than to make presentations about its current iPhone 5, which is a little over 6 months old in the product-stack.

According to an UnwiredView report, which cites "MacFan" (translated) blog from Japan, the company's next major iPhone could arrive around the same time as WWDC 2013, Apple's annual software developers conference, when it typically also unveils new products. The date available with the publication is June 20, ten days after the conference ends, but that could only indicate a late Japanese launch.

Another interesting bit of news from the far East is talk of Apple going after mid-range Android smartphones with a new sub 4-inch smartphone, which carries the working name "iPhone mini." This device could feature a light feature-set, but retain essentials from the iOS ecosystem. It could be priced as low as $330 contract-free, and could help the company capture value-conscious markets such as China and India. The so-called "iPhone mini" could launch some time in August.