Sony Announces Two New All-in-One Audio Systems

Sony is introducing two new wireless audio systems capable of streaming music from tablets, smartphones and PCs. The two models are called CMT-BT80WB and CMT-BT60B and pairing is made easy by a one-touch NFC connection, or alternatively Bluetooth can be used. The CMT-BT80WB also comes with Wi-Fi (DLNA) and AirPlay connectivity.

There are not a lot of specs to dwell on here. Output power is 40W RMS for both models and Sony even managed to hide a CD player in there, somewhere. DAB and FM tuners are also integrated and so is a USB port and 3.5mm input jack.

While the design is probably quite sleek and Sony is even calling it 'stealthy', the packshots included in the press release are too flat-looking to be able to tell. At a less than 10cm tapered width though, these wireless systems should be quite unobtrusive in any environment. Unfortunately prices are unknown for now, but the CMT-BT80WB and CMT-BT60B will be available in Europe from May 2013.

28 March 2013

CMT-BT80WB and CMT-BT60B wireless audio systems with One-touch listening

• Stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (BT80WB) from your smartphone, tablet or PC
• One-touch NFC connection for easy pairing and listening with your smartphone or tablet
• Magnetic Fluid Speakers and S-Master Amplifier for clear, powerful sound
• Enjoy CD, DAB/FM radio or connect your iPad/iPhone/iPod (BT80WB)
• High quality sound with AAC and apt-X playback over Bluetooth

Tired of your music system's muddy, insipid sound and dull looks? Give your eyes and ears a treat with two dazzling new all-in-one audio systems from Sony.

The CMT-BT80WB and CMT-BT60B are designed to make an instant impression in any living space. Stealthy, super-slim styling is matched with crisp, room filling sound - whether you're listening to CD, DAB, FMradio or enjoying your personal digital music collection.

Forget about fiddly pairing and access codes. Just touch your Sony Xperia or NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet for a moment to instantly establish a Bluetooth wireless connection. Then stream pristine, room-filling sound via Bluetooth from your mobile for everyone to enjoy.

Want to enjoy wireless music that's even clearer and more satisfying? The CMT-BT80WB and BT60B can play high-quality music with AAC and apt-X codec over Bluetooth for sparkling sound.

It's easier than ever to liberate your precious music library. On-board Wi-Fi (CMT-BT80WB only) lets you stream music straight from PCs and servers on your home wireless network via DLNA. There's also a USB connection for direct hook-ups for playback (CMT-BT80WB) and charging the battery (CMT-BT60B) of your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Unique to Sony, Magnetic Fluid speakers use an advanced ferrofluid developed for the NASA space programme for richly detailed, full range sound that really shines. Together with powerful S-Master Amplifier technology by Sony, you'll experience exhilarating clarity and depth from any sound source.

The new CMT-BT80WB and CMT-BT60B audio systems by Sony are available in Europe from May 2013.