Wacom Intros Crayon-sized Bamboo Stylus Mini

Touch-based professional graphics specialist Wacom introduced the Bamboo Stylus Mini, a line of crayon-sized styluses for smartphones and tablets. At 47 mm length, roughly half that of the original Bamboo Stylus, with a girth of 9 mm, and 8 g weight, the Mini is roughly as big as a crayon. It comes with a little retention hook and a string, which lets you latch the thing on to your device, using its 3.5 mm headset jack.

The Bamboo Stylus Mini is made of an aluminum body, which is available in six color options: lime-green, sky-blue, pink, red, black, and white. It features the same conductive rubber tip as the original Bamboo Stylus. The 6 mm nib is replaceable. Available on the company's online store, the Bamboo Stylus Mini from Wacom is priced at $19 a pop.