Nokia Lumia 950 Pictured

Here is the first, fairly-clear picture of Nokia's next flagship smartphone, Lumia 950. This big new touch-slab from Nokia, could see the integration of several of its innovations across the lineup, including PureView camera technology, and PureMotion HD display panel. The phone could stick to Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 software.

According to specifications released by Windows Phone Central, we're looking at a screen resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels (a strange aspect ratio that's neither 16:9, nor 16:10); a primary camera sensor that, while isn't 41-megapixel like the Pureview 808, is said to be bigger than anything in the market. The Lumia 950 could borrow quite a few imaging features from its sharp-eyed ancestor, including oversampling, "lossless zoom," high low-light performance, video stabilization, and Xenon flash.

The only hardware specification on hand is its memory amount, of 2 GB, which sources tell add "future-proofing." Its body is characterized by a large square home key, with the new Windows logo, which is found only on Windows tablets.