Google Working On Nexus 7 Successor

Google is working on a second-generation Nexus 7 tablet. The new Nexus 7 will again be made by Asus, but it will come with a Snapdragon SoC instead of the Tegra 3. According to Reuters, the new Nexus 7 features a higher screen resolution as well as a thinner bezel design.

The main thing to replace the Tegra 3 SoC with the Qualcomm's solution is the power consumption. Google plans to sell 8 million devices by the end of the year and go head to head in volume against the Apple iPad mini and Amazon Kindle Fire.

The new Nexus 7 tablet will maintain an aggressive pricing strategy. The old Nexus 7 might get discounted to $149 while the second-generation could sell for the same price of $199.