Google Forks WebKit to Create Blink

Google plans to create its own webpage rendering engine out of branching WebKit, named Blink. Some of the first builds of Blink would be identical to WebKit, but could gradually begin to differ, as Google weeds out rudimentary code, and adds tweaks specific to the way the rendering engine is implemented, in a multi-process environment, with tons of inter-process communication and memory sharing.

The complex multi-process nature of Chromium, on which Google's Chrome web-browser is based, may have added too much complexity and code to WebKit, and the idea behind Blink is to simplify the code without affecting WebKit and its numerous other users.

WebKit is at the heart of some of the most noted web-browsers, including Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and even some of the newer mobile builds of Opera. Google confirmed that Blink will be deployed on near-future versions of Chrome web-browser for various platforms; and Chrome OS itself, which relies on the rendering engine to run application software.