Mozilla Firefox 20 Launched

In its never-ending catch up with Google Chrome in version numbering (which is currently at version 26,) Mozilla launched Firefox 20 to its stable release channel. Available for Windows, OS X, and Linux, Firefox 20 promises improvements with its "in-private" browsing mode, countless bug fixes, and the usual contingent of security updates.

Users no longer have to restart the whole browser to browse privately. Firefox 20 introduces In-Private Tabs, which lets you confine your private browsing to specific tabs within a common window, with normal tabs. The download manager is now a drop-down list next to the search bar, no longer a window (configurable). The Speed Dial-like shortcuts on the home screen can now be customized in both order and what they link to. Gecko, the underlying rendering engine, also received updates, with support for newer HTML5 and WebRTC features.

Firefox 20 is found on the company website, and will be auto-updated over v19.0.2 (or older).