Intel Splits Haswell Ultrabooks Into Three Categories

According to DigiTimes, Intel plans to split Ultrabooks based on the upcoming fourth-generation Haswell processors into three price groups. These groups are $599-$798, $799-$998 and $999 and above with display sizes ranging from 11.6" to 15". They all will have at least 4 GB DDR3 memory with Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) technology, which is used for WiFi video streaming to HDTVs.

The first group covers the $599-$790 price point and will feature an Intel Core i3 processor with HD 4000 GPU and at least 500GB hybrid drive (HDD/SSD). In terms of battery life, the devices will last about eight hours and one week in idle mode.

The second category is the $699-$998 segment. Those Ultrabooks will adopt convertible or detachable design with Intel Core i5 processor and the new Intel HD 5100 GPU. It will not have HDD, only 128 GB and more SSD, and it will also feature HD cameras.

The high-end Ultrabooks will be priced at $999 and above with the fastest Core i7 processor, HD 5100 GPU and a 250+ GB SSD. It will adopt either convertible or detachable design with maximum 2.5 kg weight.