Flappy Bird Is Back, But Only On Amazon Appstore

Dong Nguyen's crazily addictive Flappy Bird has made its formal comeback. After months of radio silence, Flappy Bird popped up from nowhere on the Amazon Appstore, which is unfortunately the only place where you can get it officially from. Have an Amazon Fire set-top-box? Because that's the only way you'll be able to play Flappy Bird, using the remote as the controller of course.

I forgot to mention that the name of the game is now Flappy Bird 'Family'. The game now boasts a new multiplayer mode, meaning you can flap flap all day with friends and waste everyone's time together.

It's designed to be less addictive, so that you don't forget your real families this time round. Wait, I'm just cooking things up. Here is the link to the Amazon Appstore listing.