EA in Race for "Worst Company" Award

RushFreak2, DeviantArt

EA is in contention for Consumerist magazine's "Worst Company (overall)" award for the second time in a row, and is expected to beat rivals ranging from cellphone carriers to petroleum giants. While studios tied to the video game publishing giant produce some of the most heavily grossing titles each year, the company and its business practices themselves are hugely unpopular with consumers.

In a recent blog post, EA COO Peter Moore wrote that while his company is certainly doing something wrong, which is making it unpopular with consumers, it doesn't deserve the title of being the "worst company," flaying Consumerist and its readers. "This is the same poll that last year judged us as worse than companies responsible for the biggest oil spill in history," he writes.

Moore claimed last year that EA could have been nominated last year because of its support for the controversial SOPA bill, and that gamers utterly hated the ending Mass Effect 3 was given; but Consumerist readers ended up judging EA more for its business practices that include costly and often incomplete games that are augmented by several costly DLCs, in-game purchases, micro-transactions; and thrusting its Origin platform upon PC gamers.

This year, EA claims it could win the award because it introduced the ability for players to create LGBT (lesbian/gay/bi-sexual/transgender) virtual characters in certain games, which triggered right-wing conservative groups to launch a smear campaign. Consumerist, on the other hand, junked EA's theory. It said that if there is any such campaign, it is odd that no one had mentioned it before.