Yet Another WLAN-fixing Update for Surface

Microsoft rolled out its third software update for Surface, Surface Pro, and Surface RT, focused on fixing WiFi connectivity issues. The three tablets are hit by numerous WiFi glitches that include connection drops, untimely DHCP lease expiry without renewal (the so called "Limited Connectivity" bug), and software crashes that result from these connectivity drops.

Dated April 9, the newest software update for the three Surface tablets, in the words of Microsoft, addresses the following for Surface RT:

  • Certain "Limited Connectivity" issues resolved
  • Improves WiFi to handle a wide range of access points.
  • Resolves system crashes caused by certain WiFi issues.

The update for Surface Pro has its own share of issues addressed:

  • Resolves an issue with on screen touch navigation in the UEFI boot menu.
  • Resolves some Surface Type and Touch cover connectivity issues.
  • Support for 106/109 keyboards on North American Surface devices.
  • Resolves an issue where toggling airplane mode would disable the WiFi driver.

Users can either wait for the next automatic updates look-up, or navigate to Settings > Change PC Settings > Windows Update, and manually check for updates.

This is the third batch of "cumulative updates" for Surface this year, addressing WiFi connectivity issues, the previous being February and March.