Office for iOS and Android Delayed to 2014

Devices based on Windows could get a big headstart over their Android and iOS counterparts, in getting touch-optimized Microsoft Office. It surfaced late last year that Microsoft is working on variant of its popular Office apps, including Outlook, to support popular touch-based platforms such as tablets and smartphones; the most interesting rumor at the time stated Microsoft creating iOS and Android versions, slated for some time in 2013.

A ZDNet report, which tracks launch roadmap for "Gemini," Microsoft's touch-optimized UI update for Office, stated that users of non-Windows platforms will have to wait a lot longer till Fall 2014 (October~November), before they can get their fingertips on the software.

Microsoft is working on touch-optimized Office apps, which blend in with Metro (modern UI), that define its Windows 8 operating systems, and is at the core of its Surface line of tablets. This version, codename "Gemini" is slated for October 2013.

The next wave of launches in the "Gemini" family, targeting Apple OS X and Windows RT (refresh), will be out by Spring 2014. The last wave, which includes Outlook for Windows RT, and Office for iOS and Android, will trail all the way back in October 2014.