Optimus G Pro Value Pack Upgrade Adds Galaxy S 4-like Features

LG Optimus G Pro could continue being Samsung's boogieman, even after the Galaxy S4 roll-out. The company is planning a big software update to the handset, which lends it a trio of software features similar to those Galaxy S4 offers. Some of them even appear to be better implemented than on Samsung's flagship handset.

Named "Value Pack Upgrade," LG's latest volley toward Samsung introduces the following:

  • Smart Video: Pauses or resumes video playback by tracking the user's eyes; similar to, yet better implemented than "Smart Pause" from Galaxy S 4. Since it tracks eyes, it can even sense eyes being shut for longer than a typical blink (user falling asleep in-flight), and stop playback
  • Dual Camera: Activate both cameras, captures both subject and shooter; again, similar to "Dual Camera" from Samsung's slab, but better implemented, with the ability to move the secondary subject around the screen, and swap primary and secondary subjects
  • Pause/Resume Video Recording: The ability to pause and resume video recording to a single video file, making it easier to capture multiple scenes, without wasting time with stitching multiple video files.

There's still no word on US availability of LG's flagship handset, even though a lot is riding on its success. The Optimus G Pro, according to LG, is the "bigger, better" alternative to Galaxy S 4, with a more readable 5.5-inch 1080p screen, and a fast Snapdragon 600 quad-core SoC. Unlike the Galaxy's implementation of cutting-edge Android 4.2.2, the Optimus uses version 4.1.2, and the Value Pack Upgrade does nothing to change that.