New Silent Hills Includes Work From Guillermo Del Toro, Norman Reedus

Konami's Silent Hill franchise has been on a downward spiral, with its last major installment, Silent Hill: Downpour being released to middling reviews. Fans have been left wondering just what the developer has planned for the future of the series.

Well, fans have to wonder no longer. At today's Gamescom, three big names were attached to the latest entry in the franchise: Guillermo Del Toro of Hellboy and Pacific Rim fame; the esteemed director of the Metal Gear Solid series, Hideo Kojima; and currently one of the most well-known faces on television, Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead.

From a Twitch stream showing the game's interactive trailer, it seems Reedus will play the game's main character.

As for the game itself, it is going by the title Silent Hills.