Robots Assist Guests, Staff At California Hotel

A pleasant surprise is waiting for the guests of Aloft Hotel in Cupertino, California: a robotic concierge called SaviOne A.L.O. Botlr.

Moving around on four wheels, A.L.O. is 3 feet tall, mostly white, and weights 100 pounds. Its "face" is a 7-inch phablet-like touch-screen. It has a compartment which can carry items up to 2 pounds. It is wi-fi and 4G-ready.

A.L.O. will assist hotel staff by delivering items to guests in their rooms, among other things. To interact with the robot, guests simply need to use its touch screen interface. Guests will be encouraged to express their approval through tweets with the hashtag #meetbotlr.

Aloft Hotels plans to deploy several Botlrs after A.L.O.'s trial run from August 20.