Quay.io Acquired By CoreOS For Private Docker Repo

Quay.io, a company that previously focused on hosting private Docker repos, has been acquired by CoreOS. CoreOS is becoming a very popular operating system for warehouse computing, and this acquisition is already resulting in some integration with Quay.io's services. Docker users generally use Docker's repository or they use their own, but hosting a private repository can be tedious, which is the reason for Quay.io's existence.

Already, people who sign up for the CoreOS Managed Linux service will be able to use the company's Enterprise Registry feature that is powered by Quay.io.

Along with acquiring the technology that the Quay.io team had been working on, CoreOS has also brought on-board many of the Quay.io team members. Quay says it will remain a standalone product for right now, even though integration is already occurring with CoreOS.