Samsung Perturbed with HTC One Success

When HTC CMO Ben Ho dismissed Galaxy S4 as "more of the same thing," his observations weren't without merit. With his company's flagship handset, the HTC One, opening up to sales in the US, an increasing number of buyers are choosing it over the Galaxy, partly due to its superior aluminium unibody construction. In contrast, the Galaxy S4 sticks to the plastic/polycarbonate construction of its predecessors. This has Samsung worried, and the company plans to do something about it.

It's been reported that the company plans to change the body construction material of its flagship products from the next generation. While some believe by that Samsung meant the next Galaxy S, others believe it meant Galaxy Note III, which is slated for launch on the sidelines of IFA 2013, in Berlin, about six months away.

With Samsung's recent Galaxy Grand and Galaxy Mega lines closely resembling Galaxy S 3, it's unlikely that the Note III could resemble either of them.