Google Glass Explorer Edition Tech Specs Revealed

Just as Google is preparing the first batches of Project Glass Explorer Edition to be given out to developers, its support page went active, revealing minute tech specs of the augmented reality device that has everyone talking about it.

Glass Explorer Edition is wearable just like any eyewear, the device itself is latched along the right temple arm, and consists of three segments. The front I/O segment holds its refractive display, a camera, and a high-gain microphone. The middle segment holds a trackpad, a few buttons, and the computing unit, while the rear segment holds the battery. The specifications go like this:

  • Display: Unspecified resolution, said to be as sharp as viewing a 25-inch 1080p display from a distance of 8 feet
  • Audio out: Transducers that use your skull to conduct sound, with nothing poking into your ears
  • Audio in: high-gain microphone
  • Camera: Captures stills at 5 megapixels, video at 720p
  • Connectivity: 802.11 b/g WLAN (up to 54 Mbps), Bluetooth 3.0, needs your smartphone to tether Internet
  • Storage: 16 GB physical storage (12 GB usable), additional cloud-based storage options by Google
  • Battery: Unspecified capacity, said to power the device for a full day between charges

Considering it's a device that's meant to be worn and isn't supposed to feel uncomfortable over extended periods, that is an extremely impressive feature-set on offer. Here's hoping developers make good use of the Glass API Google released with this specs sheet.