Windows 8.1 Could Let You Bypass 'Metro' UI

It looks like Microsoft got the point, that its Metro/Modern UI ramthroat isn't working. People with Windows 8 pre-installed are upgrading to Windows 7 left, right, and center; and it's failing to impress bean-counters at Redmond and Wall St. Another writing on the wall for Microsoft is that it can't continue the way Windows 8 implements Metro.

Pesky folks at the MyDigitalLife forums discovered a registry key when when messing around with the Registry Editor an early Windows 8.1 "Blue" build, labeled "CanSuppressStartScreen," which when toggled, takes you straight to the Desktop, bypassing Metro Start screen. While the registry key exists, and can be toggled by anyone who is aware of and competent with registry editing, there's no option to make the change using the user interface itself - nothing in any of the Control Panel items, which leads us to wonder if the option is only meant for pre-release builds of Windows 8.1, because Microsoft knows better than to annoy its affiliated software developers with Metro.