Nokia Lumia 928 Parts Pictured

In recent rumours, Verizon was rumoured to be working on its own Lumia 920 version. The smartphone carries Lumia 928 name and comes with several enhancements over the Lumia 920. The most notable thing is an aluminum frame and a xenon flash along with the LED flash.

In any case for those who were still a little skeptical over the renderings, newly leaked pictures show that the Lumia 928 is the real thing. It seems that ETrade Supply have in stock several components in stock. According to the listing, ETrade Supply claims that Nokia will use a Samsung Super AMOLED screen in the Lumia 928 with 720 x 1280 pixels resolution.

In addition to that, the Samsung display is lighter and thinner than the 920's PureMotion HD+ display and is again guarded by Gorilla Glass. Nokia placed the speaker and camera of the Lumia 928 slightly above the logos at the top of the screen, while the microphone has been moved below the screen.

Luckily, it is just a matter of time before Verizon officially announces the Nokia Lumia 928.