Developer Says Remember Me Was "Misunderstood"

When it was released in 2013, Dotnod Entertainment's first game, Remember Me, received mixed reviews. Though some gamers really enjoyed the game, most reviews pointed out core issues in the title. Dotnod is not trying to make excuses for the mistakes it made when developing Remember Me, but Creative Director Jean Moris thinks some of the reviews stemmed from misunderstandings as to what the game was trying to be.

I think it was not perfect by any means, but to some level it was misunderstood. It was our first game," said Moris in an interview with Joystiq. "We got totally buried under the hype for a very big game that came out directly after. These are not excuses because it was not perfect, it had flaws.

The game referenced by Morris was The Last Of Us, and since that game was released so close to Remember Me, Dotnod's game was a bit overshadowed. Dotnod will soon have another game on the market, with its second being released by Square Enix.