Apple iPhone 6 Could Have 1 GB of RAM

Nowadays, Smartphones come with 2 GB of RAM as a standard. Heck, most flagships have 3 GB of RAM, and 64-bit devices with 4 GB RAM are just round the corner. There is a new rumor that the Apple iPhone 6 might sport a puny 1 GB of RAM. Obviously, we aren't taking it well.

Apple has always been on the conservative side, when it comes to specifications, but that is because their software is extremely optimized. iOS 8 seems like a much heavier, feature-rich OS than iOS 7. Also, with more graphically intensive games are making their way onto mobile platforms, Apple's products with 1 GB of RAM might eventually run out of memory faster as compared to an Android phone with 3 GB RAM. Of course, this is purely speculation. Hopefully, we don't end up in a world where the 5.5-inch iPhone has all the goodies, including more amount of RAM, whereas the 4.7-inch iPhone is left crippled.

This post is based on a rumor, so take it with two grains of salt.

However, what do you think? Should Apple stick to 1 GB, or should they serve 2 GB of RAM and make the iPhone 6 a more future-proof gadget?