Flabby Bird Creator Will Be Launching 'Swing Copters' This Week

The success Flappy Bird saw when it was available has resulted in its creator, Dong Nguyen, having a hard time finding someone who doesn't connect him to the addictive mobile game. Flappy Bird's overnight rise into popularity caused Nguyen to take the game down, but the game creator is returning with a new mobile game, Swing Copters.

Swing Copters is a new game that will be downloadable for free this week, and it has been reported that ads can be removed from it for $0.99. The game will involve controlling an on-screen character and maneuvering that character around swinging objects. In theory, this sort of gameplay could make Swing Copters just as addictive as Flappy Bird.

Nguyen has also said Flappy Bird could be updated and re-introduced at some point.