Sigma Breaks the f/2.0 Barrier with New APS-C Lens

Sigma rolled out another impressive piece of optics engineering, an 18-35 mm zoom lens with a aperture under f/2.0, a feat not attempted by bigger lens makers, yet. Compatible with Canon APS-C cameras, Sigma's 18-35 mm DC HSM lens offers a fixed aperture of f/1.8, which lets in double the light as some of the most expensive zoom lenses, which cap out around f/2.8. To build the lens, the company said it had to solve a lot of "technical challenges."

The lens supports fast focusing, as it's backed by a "hypersonic" motor, an inner-focus system, a barrel made of thermally-stable composite material, and a rugged brass bayonet mount. Sigma will offer a USB mount and software, which lets pros optimize and fine-tune the system even further.

The company didn't announce pricing, but given that the cheapest lens in its class - the f/2.0 14-35 mm by Olympus costs $2,300, one could expect a hefty premium on Sigma's creation.