Verizon Outperforming Competitors In Network Quality

Verizon soundly outperformed its competitors nationwide. This is gathered from RootMetrics' 2014 Midyear US National RootScore Report released on Monday.

RootMetrics is a company that tests wireless networks independently. It conducts tests measuring speed, reliability, call, and text messaging quality among other metrics. Carriers are ranked nationally. The report offers insights and comparisons of network performance for the entire country, in each of the 50 states, and in the 125 largest metropolitan areas in the US.

Verizon according to this most recent report led its competitors in almost all testing categories, garnering the highest scores for overall performance, network reliability and network speed across the US. It was also the best performing network in data and call categories. AT&T was a close second overall. T-Mobile edged forward to a distant third relegating Sprint to fourth spot.