Simplicam Is A Strong DropCam Competitor

Simplicam is the latest addition to the home security device market, and it is a strong competitor to the now Google-owned Dropcam. Simplicam was announced in early 2014, and Arcsoft has finally released the product. Like Dropcam, Simplicam lets users keep an eye on their house from a mobile device without spending tons of money. Plus, Simplicam has a cloud recording option that costs $5 per month for 24 hours of recording.

The cameras themselves start at $149.99, and setup is about as simple as it can be. Once you find a place to put a camera, you can generate a QR code with your mobile device that you then put in front of the camera. This process connects the camera to your device, enabling most of its features.

Recording is in 720p, and the camera comes with features like night vision and face detection. A premium plan through Closeli is required if you want to backup footage, use face tracking, or share videos, but you can always see a live stream from your Simplicam cameras for free.