A Toast with Budweiser Buddy Cup Makes Instant Facebook Friends

The next time you find yourself the perfect stranger to drink with, and either of you find taking down numbers 'bureaucratic,' a new innovation by Budweiser could clinch the moment for you. Called BuddyCup, this gadget lets two people befriend each other on Facebook by simply toasting their cups.

The way it works is, you pick up a cup at the start of a party, use a mobile app (iOS/Android) to send your Facebook ID to a chip inside the cup. When two people toast, their IDs are exchanged, and the app, authorized by you, befriends the other person. So the next morning you check your Facebook, you find yourself scores of familiar (albeit sober) faces in your Friends list. We imagine Budweiser marketing the BuddyCup to clubs, and to liquor stores selling kegs for you to take home.