Secure Alternative To Skype Created By 4chan Users

Members of 4chan have created a more secure and Microsoft-free alternative to Skype. Tox, as the Skype alternative has been named, can secure communications and hopefully protect users from the prying eyes of the NSA. After coming up with the idea for the service, the 4chan users eventually began uploading code to GitHub and separated themselves from the message board. Early versions of the messaging service can now be downloaded from GitHub.

Using the same sort of technology that runs BitTorrent, the Tox messaging service remains free from any central servers. This means that it is hard to break into Tox and steal information, and it is also difficult to shutdown or stop in anyway.

Of course, there are also encryption options that can be be found in the software, but the peer-to-peer communication aspect of Tox is what sets it apart.

Since Tox is still in its early developmental stages and few people have gone through its code, don't go using Tox right now with the idea that you will have bulletproof protection.