Adobe Readies Photoshop Lightroom for iOS, RAW Images Processed on the Cloud

Photoshop Touch will never satisfy pro photographers on the beat, with little more than a WiFi-enabled DSLR, and an iPad mini. The next best option for them is carrying a bulkier 11-inch MacBook Air or Ultrabook, with Photoshop Lightroom installed, and even those devices end up being slow with handling high-resolution RAW images, due to the amount of computing muscle that's shed to keep them slim. Apple's solution? A full-featured iOS variant of Photoshop Lightroom, which processes RAW images on the cloud.

The iOS Lightroom app could be backed by a subscription to the cloud-based processing service, which lets you upload your RAW file, make all the changes you need on your iPad, and download the result. In the latest episode of The Grid, Tom Hogarty, who heads the Photoshop Lightroom team at Adobe, demoed the app for iPad 2, showing viewers just how effortless using the app can be, even on hardware slower than the iPad mini. Hogarty's spot comes up around the 19-minute mark in the episode.