Samsung Galaxy S4 Overheats; New Benchmarks Surface

Samsung Galaxy S4 is just a few days old, and it is facing first problems. According to numerous reports, the Galaxy S4 handset with Exynos 5 Octa SoC is experiencing overheating issue. However, it seems that the SoC is not the only one that is overheating as the users complained about heat coming from the camera. One user took an infrared thermometer and measured 50°C, which is more than uncomfortable while using the phone.

As there is no official solution to the problem, some users are suggesting disabling GPS and Bluetooth along with dimming the screen.

While there is a problem with overheating, the chip is indeed one of the best SoC at the moment. Thanks to FoneArena, we finally have the benchmarks numbers of the chip so take a look at the scores.