100 Million Windows 8 Licences Sold

Microsoft sold the 100 millionth Windows 8 license, six months into the operating system's launch. With heavily discounted pricing, the company hustled 60 million of those during the 2012 year-end holiday rush; and roughly 10 million a month in the ones that followed. While it's common for sales across the industry to slump after December, Windows 8 hasn't picked up even as we're approaching mid-May. This doesn't appear to have sparked off panic within Redmond, as the company is touting tall figures with related products. Windows Store just clocked 250 million downloads of free and paid apps; and platforms such as the Ultrabook are expected to get more affordable this year. Microsoft even touched a bit upon "Windows Blue" its next major update to Windows. It's still unclear if Blue is a service pack-like update for Windows 8, or a new operating system in itself. Regardless, it will be out by the end of the year.