Samsung To Introduce Android-Powered Notebook

With Google I/O developer conference is just days ahead, we are getting anxious to see the new Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie will look like. Judging by leaked information, the new Android operating system is in the final stages and could see the light of day anytime now. If rumours are to trust, it will come with notebook optimizations, which means new series of cheaper laptops.

The early tablets with Android operating system didn't have optimizations for that form factor, but Samsung still decided to give it a try. The same situation is happening with Android-powered notebooks as the company will be the first with the Android 5.0 based notebooks.

There are rumours that notebooks with Android operating system are expected to cost around $200. When we can expect the first Android-powered notebooks is unknown for now, but it will be interested to see if Android 5.0 is finally ready to make its debut on new market.