Android and iOS Split Up 92.3% Smartphone OS Market

Market analyst IDC published its latest findings on the state of the smartphone operating system market for Q1 2013, a metric that goes a long way deciding prices of software, content, and advertising on their respective platforms. Its biggest finding notes that Android and iOS together hold the 92.3 percent of the market, relegating all other known platforms, to the fringes. The study counts devices with these operating systems sold.

Between the two, Android emerged the single most popular smartphone operating system, holding 75 percent of the market. Three in every four smartphones runs Google's biggest success since web-search. Apple's iOS, which runs on devices sold by it, holds 17.3 percent, which is respectable, considering the software only runs on Apple-branded hardware, and that the iPhone is a high-end smartphone.

Moving on to the remaining 7.7 percent, Microsoft has reason to cheer as the company's Windows Phone platforms managed to beat BlackBerry to the third place, at 3.2 percent. BlackBerry platform, which only started off with BlackBerry 10 this quarter, is holding 2.9 percent. Others, such as Linux (Cyanogen, etc.,) hold 1 percent, and Symbian is last, at 0.6 percent.