Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Goes Live

It's about time! PopCap Games announced the next big addition to its smash hit game franchise, Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. Built on the same 'fun-dead' tower-defense premise as the original, the new title brings two big changes. First, the zombies don't walk a straight path to get to you; and second, the game is designed for Facebook, adding a great social touch to the experience.

The original saw you defend just your home -- the front lawn, the backyard, and the rooftops, in day and night settings. With PvZ Adventures, your plants will go to town, as you explore as many as 12 unique maps. Zombies attack your gardening truck from all directions, as you surround it with your trusty, leafy companions. As expected, there are new kinds of plants and zombies. Facebook kicks in as not just the only place you can play the game, but also to bring in several 'social' features -- 'sending hordes of zombies to your friends,' and exploring leaderboards.

Play Plants vs. Zombies Adventures here (needs Facebook account).