New Logitech Keyboard Makes iPad Ideal Classmate

iPad is taking over notebooks as a preferred student companion. Logitech's new wired keyboard could cement its credentials by offering a compact, ergonomic, and stylish keyboard that lets you quickly jot down notes. In addition to a common QWERTY alpha-numeric keyset, you get shortcut buttons for a number of common apps and tasks. The keyboard is rugged, and fit for the rigors of a classroom. It will be available in both legacy 30-pin and newer Lightning connector variants, priced around $60, when it comes out in August-October. It will be available in several color-accent vatriants that match common Smart Cover colors.

"Schools are increasingly purchasing iPads for use in the classroom," said Mike Culver, vice president and general manager of mobility at Logitech. "While tablets are enabling new ways of teaching and testing, there's a challenge when a teacher needs to simultaneously pair multiple iPads with multiple wireless Bluetooth keyboards. We developed the Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad to specifically solve this problem, so students can now simply plug it in and start typing."