Google Asks US Government To Allow Them More Transparency

In their official blog, Google has stated that they have sent a letter to the United States government asking that they be allowed to be more transparent with the orders given to them to reveal customer information according to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

The government had previously approved of allowing Google to add the quantity of National Security Letters which they receive and is requesting that the government also allow them the reveal the number of requests received under FISA, and also the number of accounts that were affected by the orders.

Google noted that they have worked hard over the last fifteen years building trust with their users, and the lack of transparency on these issues is fueling speculation in the media that the U. S. government has unfettered access to all of their customers' data, which they claim is "simply untrue." They also stated that there were no adverse affects when the government authorized the disclosure of information pertaining to national security letters.

It should also be noted that Google is not the only company who receives these requests, and companies like Microsoft and Facebook are siding with Google on this issue.