New Organization Formed To Challenge NSA Spying on Civilians

PRISM, the United States National Security Agency's massive data mining program, has quite a few people up in arms, A new organization called Stop Watching Us has sprung up almost overnight to get companies to join against what they call an abuse of basic human rights.

The new organization is calling on the U.S. Congress to stop spying on Americans and reveal the full truth about the surveillance program. "The revelations about the National Security Agency's surveillance apparatus, if true, represents a stunning abuse of our basic rights,", the organization's open letter to Congress reads, and they are demanding that Congress reveal the full extent of the NSA's spying program.

Approximately 85 organizations are participating and they include some well know companies and organizations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Mozilla Foundation, Reddit, the World Wide Web Foundation and many more.

The organization has set up a site where concerned individuals, companies and organizations can sign the petition to get Congress to act on this matter. The website is at the source link.