PlayStation 4 Pre-orders Roar Across Amazon

After successfully downing Microsoft's lavish E3 Xbox One event by one simple announcement, that PlayStation 4 will be a whole $100 cheaper than the $499 Xbox One, Sony is raking in the moolah at leading stores, where the console is up for pre-order. At Amazon, the console is being sold in two SKUs, "Launch Edition" and "Standard Edition." Both are identical, except "Launch Edition" reaches your doorstep the day the console is launched and generally available. Amazon and its contingent of participating sellers probably set limited quantities of the console aside that they'll be able to ship, while "Standard Edition" is subject to availability, and could take a few days more to get to you. As of now, "Launch Edition" is completely sold out, unless more sellers join Amazon, and offer their allocation up for the scheme. Both SKUs are priced the same, so it's only a matter of keeping an eye on Amazon for that "Launch Edition" page to show "available" again.

Elsewhere, too, PlayStation 4 is selling out fast. TrustedReviews reports that in the wake of its design, specs, and price reveal at E3, pre-order sales of the console spiked at Blockbuster. "We are absolutely thrilled with the amazing response to our pre-order service for both the PS4 and Xbox One!" said James Morton, Head of Product at Blockbuster. "We're looking forward to seeing the brand new consoles in our stores along with the latest games to buy or rent."

Pricing aside, faster hardware, and a more humane DRM scheme seem to be working in favor of PlayStation 4. While both consoles use SoCs co-designed by AMD, the one which drives PlayStation 4 is faster. It features 1,152 stream processors, and GDDR5 unified memory, while Xbox One chip packs just 768, and uses slower DDR3 memory cushioned by an SRAM cache. The reactions to Microsoft's proposed DRM scheme for the Xbox One aren't positive, and have been called "intrusive." You are expected to keep the console connected to the Internet at all times, games you purchase are tied to your account, cutting out pre-owned games.