Exeo Rolls Out Extreme Gamer XG10 Disc-changer for Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 3

At E3, Exeo Entertainment rolled out the safer, more legal alternative to console disc-changers that combine the innards of various consoles, and make them share a common optical drive, the XG-10. This device, clad in brushed aluminum, and available in silver and black, lets you pack 10 DVD or Blu-ray discs, mixed any way you want. It connects to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii, over USB or Ethernet. Since data from the device is processed on consoles with their warranty seals intact, console companies don't seem to mind this device.

The elephant in the room at E3 is the next-generation console, and both Microsoft and Sony showed off their creations for the next half a decade, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Exeo says that for them to come up with a disc-changer that works with next-generation consoles, they'd need to spend enough time with one, and so one can expect an XG for them only after December. Besides, what better 'disc-changer' than an in-built hard drive?